Mayne Report editions for The Constant Investor

May 3, 2019

Here are links to The Mayne Report editions which have been produced for Alan Kohler's ezine The Constant Investor since August 2017, plus two guest Saturday Overview columns.


The Saturday overview
August 12, 2017

Booming US markets, Donald Trump and Australian capital raisings - second guest Overview
January 13, 2018


1. Directors who should go, last day laggards, annual board elections, TEN's collapse, expanded SPP caps, ANZ hybrid offer and NRW SPP
August 31, 2017 – 2182 words

2. Dodgy Perth raisings (Buru and NRW), proxy advisers, limiting overs, pulled resolutions, Ardent, Bellamy's, chairs who said no and why Harvey Norman is hardly normal
September 14, 2017 – 2212 words

3. A blast on the phone from Gerry Harvey, AGL AGM, list of rem protest bounce backs, ANZ Capital Notes 5 offer, RCR hits rorters and NRW scale back
September 28, 2017 – 1920 words

4. Stokes Beach creep, Select Harvest shocker, chair Nora and Macquarie Atlas capital raise, Brambles board protest, bagging Brian Long and Solly gets his man
October 12, 2017 – 2597 words

5. Remarkable James Packer exchanges, Tassal, Myer battle, Seven SPP complacency, IOOF, placement votes, NUFARM PAITREO and full list of PAITREOs
October 26, 2017 – 3735 words

6. Crown AGM (including bootleg transcript), 8 dodgy placements in a day, 20 ways to raise capital, ASA response to capital raisings and handling unco-operative chairs
November 9, 2017 – 4541 words

7. AGM season wrap, director accountability with protest votes, hitting Woolworths over pokies, Solly vs Myer, Nufarm PAITREO, IOOF SPP VWAP, list of raisings where retail paid less and 2 capital raising wins for retail
November 23, 2017 – 2255 words

8. Slaters lessons, takeover social issues with Tabcorp, rem protest votes, TPG and who can't vote on rem, stood up by Ken Henry, AFL AGMs, SPPs wrap (AWE, Otto), and chair succession as RIO goes for a miner
December 7, 2017 – 3951 words

9. AWE SPP windfall, exiting billionaires Rupert and Lowy, Tigers AGM, Bega vs Tigers EGM, Transurban PAITREO, Pact, Cleanaway and Worley in non-renounceable rip-offs and share consolidations after Slaters
December 21, 2017 – 3470 words

New CBA CEO Matt Comyn, Catalano quits Domain, Transurban PAITREO, Steve Wynn, Mincor SPP, ASX gets tough on Getswift after Guvera and departures which hit share prices
January 29, 2018 – 3248 words

Bunnings UK, chairs with skin in the game, Wynne/Catalano, offshore takeover disasters, going on Q&A, Transurban PAITREO and chair interviews wrap
February 12, 2018 – 3183 words

Time for some corporate law reform, Big Un a Bad ‘N, Woodside's PAITREO, Brian McNamee's CSL sell-down, ASA conflicts and some gambling odds and sods
February 26, 2018 – 2239 words

13. Big Un scandal rolls on, bank Royal Commission, Woodside & APA PAITREOs,
Lucy Turnbull invests, war stories with Michael Chaney and the upcoming AGM mini-season

March 12, 2018 – 3198 words

14. ASX does reject some floats, Blackrock's permissive voting history, Argo's SPP record,
APA's PAITREO wraps up and inside the windfall enjoyed by Bellamy's chair John Ho

March 26, 2018 – 2525 words

15. Special edition on foreign ownership as Westfield's international assets leave the ASX
April 9, 2018 – 7027 words

16. AGL and Liddell, Blue Sky and short sellers, Seven's cricket share trading, directors
with baggage, Chinese placements, Kathmandu raising and where are the SPPs?

April 16, 2018 - 3594 words

17. Where to for AMP, $300m Link placement, UniSuper's special deals, Next DC shows the way, Kathmandu SPP scale back, disclosing AGM votes and Woolies divestment push
April 23, 2018 – 3071 words

18. AMP chair quits, can Brenner stay on other boards, CSL almost passes NAB/ANZ, new Getswift directors and the capital raisings of SRG, Redflow and Syrah Resources

April 30, 2018 – 3101 words

19. Reece joins the multi-nationals list, previewing AMP's AGM, the combative David Murray, don't bag Macquarie, SRG delivers for small shareholders and who should appoint big bank directors?

May 7, 2018 – 5480 words

20. Rich List analysis, foreign success stories, Westfield pay issue, Big Un, Reece capital raising update, Moelis AGM and grilling chairs
May 28, 2018 – 2885 words

21. ANZ placement charges, Moelis AGM, Macquarie and the “sophisticated” investors, Four Corners takes on AMP, ranking the FAANGs, overloaded directors and the Carnarvon SPP
June 11, 2018 – 4300 words

22. APA's $23b takeover, AMP's rebuilding challenge, state budget gambling disclosures, placements aplenty and critiquing the rules around trading halts
June 18, 2018 – 2829 words

23. ASX board's revolving door, Ramsay write-down, Credit Corp class action and Bell Financial Group regrettably goes non-renounceable
June 25, 2018 - 2750 words

24. More capital raising rip-offs, Goyder gets Qantas, Village Roadshow, out of town chairs, the biggest accumulated loss-makers and another challenge to Kevin Andrews?

July 9, 2018 – 3039 words

25. Rupert fronts his shareholders, Macquarie Group AGM, awful Ooh Media capital raising and some fun and games in the gambling industry

July 23, 2018 – 3364 words

26. Give Nine shareholders the vote, what's up with David Murray, executive payouts in takeovers and some big gambling developments at Crown and Woolworths

August 6, 2018 – 2615 words

27. Biggest ever assessment of board social issues in takeovers, who should go after the Royal Commission, Myer class action finally hits court and Fleetwood's awful capital raising
August 20, 2018 – 3879 words

28. Harvey Norman and Transurban capital raisings, Liberal governance problems, fast ASX and AGL AGMs and inside the Nine-Fairfax merger

September 3, 2018 – 3297 words

29. Special edition: remembering GFC capital raising deluge and what a contrast with Transurban!
September 18, 2018 – 4772 words

30. ABC governance snafu, Afterpay and Transurban capital raisings, Elon Musk and the Murdochs
October 1, 2018 – 3202 words

31. Nine-Fairfax merger, farewell Jack Tilburn, James Packer's investment record, rotten Harvey Norman capital raising and around the grounds of gambling issues
October 15, 2018 – 3550 words

32. Gerry Harvey, Worley raising, gambling AGMs, name changes and shareholder resolutions
October 29 2018 – 3124 words

33. Harold Mitchell, shareholder voting rights, a flurry of media AGMs, Worley Parsons capital raising and the Victorian election
November 19, 2018- 2800 words

34. AGM season wrap, last day laggards, Myer, Harvey Norman, Harold Mitchell and a look at the back catalogue

December 3 – 4422 words

35. PC super report, chairman succession, Aristocrat, Costa dive, corporate divorces, CBA's PERLS XI, retirement payouts to director and the RCR Tomlinson collapse.January 14, 2019 – 4312 words

36. Australian Open, franking credits, Royal Commission, Village Roadshow, new CEOs who clear the decks and Menzies update
January 28, 2019 - 4113 words

37. Franking credits compromise, NAB chairman succession, Woolworths transparency, reporting season and Q&A
February 18, 2019 - 3691 words

38. Last day earnings rush, AGM mini season, punchy questions at Aristocrat AGM and doubts over Afterpay
March 4, 2019 - 3004 words

39. Corporate Travel shemozzle, Coles quits pokies, Afterpay, AMP, AGM mini-season, late reporters and the age debate
March 18, 2019 - 4000 words

40. Demergers, Dulux, capital raisings, Credit Corp and the AGM mini-season
April 24, 2019 - 5052 words

41. Newspapers sales, Nine's name, capital raisings, SPPs, Carnarvon Petroelum, demergers and more
May 2, 2019 - 3422 words