Speeches given in 2002

January 7, 2014

Here is a list of more than 20 speeches and public appearances by Stephen Mayne in 2002, plus any relevent feedback.

ALP Blackburn Branch: March 19, 2002
Talk to handful of party faithful

Latrobe University: April 10, 2002
Talk to media students

Sydney University: April 19, 2002
Lecture to students about media and shareholder activism

RMIT: April 28, 2002
Guest lecture to students on business journalism

Centre for Corporate Public Affairs: June 26, 2002
Talk to corporate spindoctors at Melbourne Business School

Sky News Talkback: July 8, 2002
One hour of live TV talkback with Terry Willesee on Cheryl and Gareth affair

AIG Sydney speech: July 10, 2002

Speech in Canberra: July 11, 2002

Radio National Class Debate:
July 21, 2002
Fairly feral debate with lefties at Trades Hall - see ABC transcript

Politics in the Pub:
July 26, 2002
Friday night Panel discussion in Sydney about HIH and The Democrats

Lateline Friday Forum:
July 26, 2002
Debate with Margo Kingston about the future of The Democrats - see transcript.

RRR Party Show: July 28, 2002
Two hour session on The Party Show with Headley Gritter

Deakin University: Aug 15, 2002
Breakfast address to the staff

University lecture: Aug 19, 2002
Talk to media students in Berwick

3AK: August 22, 2002
Major half hour inquisition by Doug Aiton

University lecture: Aug 27, 2002
Travelled by train to Gippsland to lecture media students

Conference of Major Super Funds (CMSF): Sept 5, 2002
Update on the big corporate governance issues of the year

Lateline Friday Forum:
Sept 6, 2002
Debate with Margo Kingston on the big issues of the week - see transcript

RMIT: Sept 27, 2002
Lecture to students

Latrobe University: Oct 4, 2002
Media seminar with John Cain

Melbourne Press Club: Oct 4, 2002
Media panel on the internet

Finance and Treasurers Association speech: Oct 15, 2002

Anti-discrimination conference in Petersham: Oct 18, 2002
Panel discussion about media ethics

ABC media training: Oct 25, 2002
Speech to visiting Indonesian journalists

Sydney Young Lawyers: Nov 2, 2002
Saturday morning Speech at Star City Casino

Australian Compliance Professionals Association: Nov 14, 2002
Speech on corporate governance to annual conference in St Kilda

ABC Insiders: Nov 24, 2002
Discussion about Victorian election

Sydney speech before Walkleys: Nov 28, 2002

Regular radio gigs in 2002

774 ABC Melbourne:
weekly Tuesday afternoon spot with Virginia Trioli on Drive.

702 ABC Sydney: weekly Friday morning spot on Sally Loane's Morning program.

RRR: weekly Wednesday spot on Breakfasters program with John Safran.