Speeches given in 2001

January 7, 2014

Here is a list of more than 25 speeches given by Stephen Mayne in 2001, plus details of more than 200 radio appearances. Click here for details on other speeches, plus feedback over the years.

Financial Executives Institute of Aust 14 February 2001
Governance talk to senior finance executives - see feedback

Crikey First Birthday: February 14, 2001
Legal fundraiser on Crikey anniversary for Steve Price defamation battle

Regular 3AK chat: Friday, February 23, 2001
Weekly spot on the 3AK breakfast program began

BBC Interview: Sunday, February 25, 2001
Believe it or not, but the BBC did an interview over Crikey's journalistic couples list

Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees
February 27, 2001, Melbourne
Discussion about corporate governance with superannuation trustees

Freehills Seminar: February 28, 2001, Melbourne
Breakfast discussion on corporate behaviour with 100 Freehills clients

Conference Board: Corporate Communication and Technology: March 1, 2001, Sydney
A panel discussion about the media

Crikey Legal Fundraiser: March 1, 2001, Sydney
Subscriber night and fundraiser at The Dendy in Sydney

ABC EGM at Sydney Opera House: April 29, 2001, Sydney Opera House
A mock shareholders meeting attacking Jonathan Shier's ABC leadership - see invitation

Monash University: May 10, 2001
Talk to students about media

People Power Launch: May 13, 2001, Imperial Hotel, Melbourne
Ill-fated launch of the political party that never worked

Latrobe University: May 14, 2001
Talk to students about the media

Cinema Owners Association of Australia: May 15, 2001
Gave Village Roadshow a very solid spray - see feedback

Radio National: Late Night Live with Philip Adams: May 24, 2001
Discussion about the future of the Liberal Party
TAFE: May 29, 2001
Talk to more media students at a TAFE in Melbourne

Brisbane Institute: June 12, 2001
Talk about corporate performance - see transcript.

Centre for Corporate Public Affairs: June 26, 2001
First of ten dinner talks at Geoff Allan's annual conference

Melbourne City Council: July 3, 2001
People Power function at The River for candidates and supporters

Lord Mayor Candidates Forum: July 4, 2001, Hyatt, Melbourne
A breakfast with the 19 candidates with each speaking for 3 minutes

RMIT Jobs Day: July 27, 2001
Another talk to students about the media

Film Night: The Bank: August 13, 2001, The Rivoli in Melbourne
Spoke briefly at Crikey subscriber film night

UTS: 2001 George Munster forum on HIH and One-tel, Sydney, August 15, 2001
See UTS ezine

Film Night: The Bank: August 20, 2001, The Palace in Sydney
Spoke briefly at Crikey subscriber film night

Anti-Corruption Conference: August 16, 2001, Darling Harbour, Sydney
On a panel about corruption at legal conference

Young Liberals: August 20, 2001
Was shifted from Liberal HQ at 104 Exhibition St, to Elephant & Wheelbarrow hotel due to controversy

Melbourne Writers Festival: August 2001
In Bed With Stephen Mayne - interviewed at Malthouse Theatre from a bed

Save Albert Park AGM: September 4, 2001
Guest speaker on community activism

Australia Talks with George Negus: Sept 13, 2001
One hour ABC TV debate in Port August straight after 9/11

National Young Writers Festival: Sept 28, 2001, Newcastle
Two panels on the media and journalism

Brighton Rotary Club: October 11, 2001
Very lively Q&A about corporate honesty

Society Of Consumer Affairs Professionals: October 18, 2001, Sydney
Chaired three hour morning session of conference

Australian Local Government Association annual conference: October 25, 2001, Perth
Keynote presentation about accountability in politics

Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance: Nov 13, 2001, Canberra
Dinner speaker at annual public affairs conference

Screen Producers Association of Australia: Nov 17, 2001, Grand Hyatt in Melbourne
Lunch time address at annual conference

AAMI Customer Charter Day: Nov 26, 2001, Carlton Crest, Melbourne
Spoke on corporate ethics plus gave feedback during customer charter sessions

Sky News: Nov 28, 2001
Half hour interview with John Gatfield for Viewpoint program

Free Speech Victoria: Nov 28, 2001
Dinner speech after receiving Voltaire Awards for free speech

Public Relations Networking Group: Dec 6, 2001
Speaker at Sydney Christmas function

Crikey Media Awards: Dec 10, 2001, Imperial Hotel, Melbourne
A counter to the Walkleys and even got a brief run on The 7.30 Report

Regular radio gigs in 2001

774 ABC Melbourne: weekly Tuesday afternoon spot with Virginia Trioli on Drive.

702 ABC Sydney: weekly Friday morning spot on Sally Loane's Morning program.

612 ABC Brisbane: weekly Thursday morning breakfast spot with Rod Henshaw.

RRR: weekly Wednesday spot on Breakfasters program with John Safran.

3AK: was paid $75 a week for a Thursday morning spot on the 3AK breakfast show with Kevin Hillier and Kathy Bedford which started in February but didn't survive the year due to budget cuts.